the Orinda Network for Education

The Orinda Network for Education (ONE) is the centralized education foundation in Orinda. ONE was created in the spring of 2020 by the Parents’ Clubs of Sleepy Hollow, Wagner Ranch, Glorietta, Del Rey, OIS and Miramonte and the Educational Foundation of Orinda (EFO). The organization simplifies and improves local fundraising across all schools, preserving critical programming and providing the necessary resources to offer a world class, nationally competitive education. ONE supports and enhances the educational experience of every student in the Orinda public school system for grades TK-12. 


The mission of ONE includes the following goals:

  • Raise the funds needed to maintain the level of excellence that Orinda families expect from their schools
  • Provide a forum in which all Orinda Parents’ Clubs unite to work together and share best practices
  • Partner with the broader Orinda community to support education in Orinda
  • Build an endowment that will support Orinda schools for years to come
  • Offer access to better investment opportunities by pooling Parents’ Club reserves and collecting higher rates of return


Representation & Operations

ONE is led and operated by leaders from each of the OUSD and Miramonte Parents’ Clubs. The ONE Board of Directors is composed of representatives from each school as well as up to three community member seats. Sleepy Hollow is represented on the Board by Meredith Osborn. The organization was established on the belief that we are truly stronger together. The Parents’ Clubs are committed to collaborating to maximize fundraising and access local revenue opportunities, while maintaining the unique culture and traditions at each campus. 

ONE & Sleepy Hollow: Fundraising Mechanics

The fundraising structure of ONE was designed to ensure that parents’ donations directly benefit their child(ren)’s education and school. For example, donations to ONE-SLEEPY HOLLOW flow to the school’s ONE-SLEEPY HOLLOW account. Funds are then used to support programming, staff and resources at Sleepy Hollow. By pooling reserves and accessing community-based donations, ONE will be able to build an endowment as well as continue to support new educational opportunities and maintain the level of excellence we have come to expect.


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Frequently Asked Questions


What is ONE?

ONE is the Orinda Network for Education - a collaboration between the Parents’ Clubs of all the OUSD schools and the Miramonte Parents’ Club to simplify and improve school fundraising. Each Parents’ Club is still responsible for creating its own school’s budget, fundraising from school families to meet that budget, and deciding how those funds get spent. The majority of ONE’s Board is made up of directors chosen by their Parents’ Clubs.


ONE-SLEEPY HOLLOW is the Parents’ Club’s fundraising campaign for ONE. SHPC raises the money and decides how it is spent to benefit Sleepy Hollow. The donations go to ONE (and your receipt will have ONE’s 501(c)(3) tax number) because all Orinda schools will do better, in the short and long term, by collaborating and by pooling resources controlled by their Parents’ Clubs.

What is the “ONE Ask”?

The One Ask is the most important part of simplifying fundraising. For many years, parents had been asked to donate twice every year—once to the Parents’ Club and then again to the former Educational Foundation of Orinda. Many, if not most, families never understood that fully funding Sleepy Hollow's budget depended on donating to both campaigns which often lead to giving to just one fund

SHPC will again be raising all of the money it takes to fully fund Sleepy Hollow for the 2023-2024 school year. To support this budget, we are asking families to make one donation (the “ONE Ask”) of $2,200 per student to ONE-SLEEPY HOLLOW.


Does my donation support all Orinda schools or just Sleepy Hollow?

Every dollar donated to ONE-SLEEPY HOLLOW directly funds Sleepy Hollow's budget only. These funds are fully controlled by SHPC.



ONE is a California non-profit, public benefit corporation. It is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the US Internal Revenue Code with  Federal Tax I.D. number of 94-2623617. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law.